When I was in junior high school, an art teacher told me art wasn’t for me. I have been proving him wrong ever since. As an artist, I work in a variety of mediums including stone, found objects, paint, yarn, and almost anything that can be made into art.  In life I also work in a variety of fields, art, psychology and education. There is a theme in all my work which involves an underpinning of psychological significances. I challenge the viewers and participators to look deeper into the art and information I share to find and apply that which resonates for them.

I am a trained as an artist, teacher, art therapist and family therapist. All these parts appear in my work. As I create, I use my art to teach, heal, explain and process my personal experiences.

My art work is exhibited internationally. I am an award winning member of the National Association of Women Artists, a 126 year old organization representing the world’s greatest women artists. I recently received the Louis Harris Hammerschlaq International Award for my stone sculpting.  You can find my art archived in numerous institutions including the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In my life as well as in my art, I create with a commitment to go beyond myself in search of the truth, the known and the unknown. I continually explore the world of love, pain, mystery and strive to bring darkness to light.