Welcome to Karla’s Colorgarten

blog-1The name Colorgarten was inspired by my grand-daughter when she was six years old. This is what she named kindergarten class, Colorgarten, after a year of frustration of too much coloring with instructions to stay in the lines! At Karla’s Colorgarten we will never stay in the lines. It will be an adventure of using crayons and so much more to make art and live inspired lives!

I love all things creative and spend much of my life being an artist designing many different objects into various diverse art forms; my creations are seldom made within straight lines. I use paints, pastels, found objects, yarn, Mother Nature, photography, trash, books and anything else I find that can be made into art.

Please join me on my many adventures as I explore my surroundings and translate found treasures into forms of creativity and inspirations.

What you view here are my own creations unless otherwise noted. You are free to “pin” or borrow my creations but only with appropriate credit.

Thank you,